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Socks & Tights

Gothic Leggings


Spicing up the perfect outfit can be as simple as finding the right goth leggings.  Sexy legwear is not just limited to lingerie stockings but can be put together in a variety of goth tights, steampunk leggings, or even in a pair of witch socks. 

Have fun mixing and matching from our line of socks and tights with one of our corset dresses or Lolita skirts.

We at Gothic Babe are always looking for the proper accessories to compliment your attire in style.  

Show off your gams!

Black Leggings -As a standard, you can never go wrong with black leggings.  They go with everything in your wardrobe while enhancing your dark side. 

Lingerie Stockings - Don't be fooled into thinking that Lingerie Stockings are meant only to add heat in the bedroom, as they will add spice to any outfit. 

Steampunk Leggings -The Steampunk leggings are sure to add to the particular flare you are looking for whether that of a Western, Victorian, or Sci-Phi style.

Goth Leggings - You are going to love the sexy legwear Gothic Babe has to offer in the gothic leggings, tights, or in a sexy thigh high.