Halloween Costumes

What to wear on Halloween?


Dressing up for Halloween is most definitely not just for the kids but for those that are young at heart.  

Gothic Babe wants to send you out on this Hollow Eve in a costume that shows off your inner spirit.  That might be in a blood thirsty vampire costume, or dressing as a sexy witch in a gothic witch costume.  You might want to keep it basic with a ghost costume or get more imaginative in something like a sexy nun costume.  You are sure to enjoy the night when you are dresses up for the kill.  

Happy Halloween!  Knock em dead!

Let your spirit move you this Halloween!

Vampire Costume -As a true creature of the night the vampire costume has always been a long time favorite.

Gothic Witch Costume -A gothic witch costume adds an element that reaches out and grabs the attention of all the warlocks and places them under your spell.

Ghost Costume -When you think of a ghost costume you think of a white sheet and cut out eye holes.  Gothic Babe takes you down a different path with a Dark Ghost Bride costume.

Sexy Nun Costume -Nuns can be scary enough in their usual habit, but a sexy nun costume takes things to a whole new level.

Black Cape -A plain black cape can enhance a variety of costumes, such as a vampire or witch, keeping them under a cloak of darkness.