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Gothic Bags

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Gothic Babe wants whatever your outing to be a fab experience with a variety of gothic bags that help capture the essence of the moment. 

Whether your headed for a hike or back to school a goth backpack is just the right trick.

Every women knows that each outfit isn't complete without the right purse.  So, that explains why the witch in me wants a closet full of Gothic purses . . . starting with a skull purse, then definitely a moon purse, and given a third wish - a bat purse would catch the envious eye.  Three feels like a good start to a great Gothic collection.  Wouldn't you agree?!

Gag it . . . Bag it . . . and Swag it out!

"You've got it in the Bag"

Our Fine Collection of Gothic bags will start you in the right direction.

Goth Backpack- Guys, just think of fun filled nights with a Skull Backpack brimming with BDSM Gear and her screams of "You my Daddy"!  It's Bad Ass for the motorcycle enthusiast.

Skull purse- It doesn't take a bonehead with a thick skull to know that a purse of this design ranks high on the Gothic Lolita wish list.  

Goth handbags - Gothic Babe has the perfect choice for you to add to your shopping cart.  Whether in the form of a skull bag, moon or bat purse you'll find it . . . and priced right.