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Goth Shoes

Being a goth babe doesn't mean that all you wear is black... But a little black in the closet never hurt nobody! 🧛‍♀️

If you too have an addiction to black platform boots, studded vegan leather straps, spike boots, black wedges and killer goth sandals than you may have just found your home in GB.

We are constantly looking across the globe to find the hottest new goth shoes at affordable prices, so you won't have to.

Go ahead hun.  Feed the addiction.  We won't judge 😉

Everyone knows the shoes MAKES the outfit, and Gothic Babe sets you up to hit a homerun, every time you step out!

Boots - Gothic Babe boots are sit higher up than the usual boot averaging over 3" off the ground giving you that desirable lift that you deserve. Real and faux leather to compliment all our goths, carnivores and vegans alike.

Wedges - Gothic Babe Wedges are not the typical "heals" for our women of the occult.  Eat his heart out while you keep your balance and never look foolish!  All in style babe!

Thigh High Boots- Gothic babe thigh high boots raise above the knee boldly making a statement for any witch who wears them.

Slides - Gothic Babe Slides combine accessibility and style with all our open toed high heals with a slip on design.

Combat Boots -And finally Gothic Babe's combat boots are as badass as they come.  Let me tell you a secret... We live in a world of combat and how can we fight back without being fully equipped in the right gear?  Stomp a mud puddle in someone's ass with style in a new pair of GB combat boots today!

Rock your gothic shoes in your dark, unique style!

What can I wear black boots with?

Proudly rock black boots with literally anything!

Jeans.  Skirts.  Shorts.  Whatever - your style, new pair of kickass boots will surely compliment.