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Gothic & Steampunk Corsets

Goth Corsets | Steampunk Corsets



The newest wave in today's fashion industry is the corset.  No longer to be worn as just an undergarment or strictly in the bedroom.  They not only enhance the bust and streamline the waist, but add flare to your goth attire.  The essence of a steampunk corset pays homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist.  Lady's, the corset is no longer the torture devise of the 1800's. 

Show off your soft side in something made of silk or be the dominatrix in a leather underbust corset.  

Now that corsets are all the new rage, Gothic Babe is here to make your shopping experience more exciting. 

"Lookin Fine" in our line of Goth Corsets!

Steampunk Corset- Pick and choose your style of steampunk corset from the particular era that depicts the statement you are out to make.  You may even want to go with a Victorian look by day and say Sci-Phi by night.

Steampunk Corset Dress- A sure fire ticket to catching the attention you desire will be met in the proper selection of a Steampunk corset dress.  Don't forget to include a Time Dial Steampunk Necklace to draw attention from the dress to your beautiful smiling face. 

Underbust Corset - The underbust corset will help define your natural shape and in a variety that is sure to satisfy such as a leather underbust corset, a lace up underbust corset, or a steel boned underbust corset.