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Other Accessories

A little bit of everything pertaining to goth accessories can be found here.


Shade your eyes from the sun by wearing a classic pair of steampunk or goth sunglasses.  Also you will want to keep from the light with a goth hat to maintain that creamy white glow on your face.  

You can't go wrong by adding the perfect goth belt to those otherwise perfect shorts or skirt.  

Start off the day with one of our nail accessories, and set the tone for the evening with some skull gloves.  

Gothic Babe wants to help you find those unique items that not just add to your attire. but also to your living or work space.



 The more goth accessories the Merrier.

Goth Hair Accessories- Gothic Babe has goth hair accessories for everyone from a cute lace cat ear headband for our witches to a bird skull hair band for our warlocks. 

Goth Mask - Prior to the pandemic, the goth mask was a customary accessory and you might be sporting a Dark Bunny Mask or the Shadow Hunter Mask in naming only two.  

Gothic Dolls - Looking to start or add to your gothic doll collection you'll find such as Lady Thea, Dark Raven, or Erica Scorpion Dolls here.

Goth Accessories- Our collection of goth accessories will bring out your dark side in the work place by displaying your new Supernatural Mouse Pad on your desk.  Or just keeping the lights down low at home with a 3D Moon Lamp will set the tone you're looking for.