Lustful Babydoll Lingerie


The devil himself must have branded this Lustful Babydoll Lingerie, cuz even once the fire has been put out it still continues to smolder. 

Starting with the floral pattern design of this black polyester blend material and the red lace tied up from the belly button to the breast,  it's a feast for the eyes.  Added to this is the elegant scalloped edging, ruffled shoulder straps, and graceful solid black skirting.  It doesn't stop there, as the brief cut panties and gloves are also made in the same beautiful floral pattern.  Finally sweeting this piece are the cherry red bows added at the base of the shoulder straps and base of the garter straps that hold the silky laced stockings up snug and tight.

You'll both be wearing a sly grin as the smoke slowly begins to dissipate.  


Material: Polyester Blends

Package includes: Top + underwear + 2 * Gloves + stockings + Garter
-Length 54-59 cm
-64-96 cm
-Underwear waist 60-100 cm
-30 cm long glove

Size: One size fits all