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We have written a lot on fashion statements. Although we do abstain from making gender specific blogs because we really do believe that that’s a spectrum, we really cannot neglect that a lot of masculine fashion is limited in the genre. So if our fellow men really need to get somewhere to start, we hope this will provide you with just the thing. Also, if you are also looking to revamp your wardrobe, we may be able to help you too. Here’s a list of things we think would really be useful in your daily fashion.


A cool scarf

This is just something as diverse as you make it. You can actually use this make your fashion statement. And since a lot of us do get out on a daily basis, it is also a good cold and pollution warrior. A basic win-win and you can even customize one if you would like to do so.

Long black pants

Why are we suggesting this? well because you can always make it work for you on a normal day. Normal leather or just long jeans can be just the thing you need to put on a lazy day. These can also be multipurpose. Once you get bored of them, you can actually move on to just tear them and pull out new styles of the loyal black pants. You can stick spikes on them to even make them fancier. Not all of us can afford those Instagram modeled pants.


This sounds weird, maybe but this can go a long way to amp up your Goth look. There are many available online tailored just for men and it just serves the purpose of keeping your hand warm and also provides a very beautiful aesthetic for the biker feel. We all admire that and even if you don’t ride a bike, who says you can’t wear the aesthetic?

Loose shorts

This one’s an odd ball but trust us, the things that can be done with it are amazing. You can wear them over regular pants as a layer. You can throw them over for comfort on a summer morning or you can just relax in them at home. Loose shorts and hoodies are a cool look of the millennial too. 

A black long muffler

A muffler is also something that a lot of people miss. This can actually be a pretty cool addition if you need a sophisticated look. The whole idea is to look put together and this can be a casual as well as a comfort wear and that is why we really do advise you to bring one to yourself.

So there are these other things that we think can be used or put in a wardrobe so that it helps you dress better. Of course, sometimes a little diy helps too. However, do let us know if you have any more suggestion. We would love to put them up another time.

Transcending Trends
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