by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 25, 2018 2 min read

You could be the most dedicated Goth in the world but still couldn’t have the patience to do your nails. Or worse, ruin it after you just actually spent like an hour to do. We get it. Nails are fun to do but only if you don’t have a busy life. Being huge DIY fans, it’s also kind of annoying to be done in a salon. Also, they are expensive and you would rather get your soul sucked than the money out of your purse. Here are some easy enough DIY nail hacks and ideas that will cheer up your dark soul. Get ready for an Instagram aesthetic.

See the above nails? Easy and really pretty. All you need are two things- a matte black nail polish and a white glitter nail polish. Since being sparkly is not every Goths cup of tea, it goes easy on the sparkle. Pick your two nails to do the effect on and boom! You have Goth nails without overdoing the thing.

Next time you go out shopping, make sure you pick out those colored pencils to draw on your nails. There is however a warning in doing the above designs. Make sure you have steady hands. You can let someone else draw these onto you if you are not sure. Let the moon and pentacles are in your favor!

Slightly complicated one? Well, not really if you can pull it off with elegance. The key here is the transition color that is almost invisible but very much present and makes the entire look complete. You would need a sponge to dab onto it first and then apply it onto your nails with precision. Finish with a coat of gloss on them. There you go, those artsy demon nails are yours.

Nothing like a simple layer of matte black nail polish. Trim your nails in the shape of the claws and flaunt them on every instagram story holding your newly acquired boots. Don’t forget to adorn them with full sleeves of the same color. We are basically giving you the ideas of building your own feed.

Another simple but mind blogging idea. Shades of burgundy, mauve, grey and silver go quite well with matte nails. Draw a simple design with your nail pen and you are good to walk out of that door. Do not forget to experiment.

We look at the above picture and think why we wouldn’t have come up with such an idea. This is literally nothing but beautiful, cleverly placed dots on that peachy background. The beauty of the look comes from the rings that adorn the hands. Take them off and you are a normal person. Perfect for pastel Goth!

Strips can never run out of style. They came with a tendency to shake things up and now they are staying, very much like the Goth culture. Who cannot adore those creepy hands?

Let us know if you found our picks good. Also, you can put your own ideas. We always welcome new ideas in all their wickedness.

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